The team at Artisan Outdoor values all outdoor spaces and believes that even the smallest backyards have the potential to become an at-home oasis. While designing small spaces can be a challenge, that is no reason to neglect whatever outdoor space you may have. Here are a few ways to optimize your backyard space regardless of size, design preferences, and budget. 

Think Vertically

When working in tight quarters, small changes can have big impacts, and it’s important to think beyond just the ground plane. Consider the vertical space you may have in your yard. This can look several ways, such as incorporating vertical gardens and vine species. Just these two methods bring more greenery and plant diversity into your yard without compromising any ground space. Vines are simple and affordable; vertical garden configurations are slightly more expensive, but are an investment which can provide you with herbs, fruits, and vegetables far into the future. 

You Don’t Need a Pool

What’s the first thing you think of when imagining a luxurious Southern California yard? Whatever it may be, I’m sure a pool is somewhere in your thoughts. Pools are pricey to build and maintain, and obviously take up space as well. When working with a small yard where this may not be possible, consider a water feature instead. While you may not be able to jump in on hot days, water features still help create the same tranquil, cooling, relaxing environment as a pool does. They can be vertically situated along a wall or fence, taking up as little space as possible, or they can be centrally situated, creating a beautiful focal point. Regardless of their exact size and location, their sound mitigating abilities and opportunity for artistic expression make water features a great option in creating a luxurious, oasis feeling without a pool. 

Functional Furniture First

Furniture is another notable consideration in small backyards. It’s important to be very intentional with the furniture you choose and to prioritize both function and versatility. For example, choose seating options that are easy to move and can serve several functions such as eating around a table while also comfortably sitting in the sun. In general, don’t choose any furniture that is too large, solid, or heavy. Beyond  the convenience of moving them, lighter/smaller pieces create a visual illusion of a bigger yard, because  they provide less obstruction of views. 

These are just a few ideas on how to maximize the outdoor space you do have to work with. Any outdoor space is an important outdoor space, especially when living in such a beautiful area as Southern California, so it’s time to go give your tiny yard some love!


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