Synthetic Turf

Our Artisan Outdoor team designs with high regard for the environment. Synthetic turf needs no watering or carbon-intensive lawn maintenance. Best of all, new technology means that today’s artificial grass is cooler, softer, and mimics a variety of grasses. Synthetic turf never gets worn or muddy, so high-traffic areas like putting greens, sports surfaces, or play areas will stay beautiful and usable under any conditions.

Synthetic turf has a special place in landscape design. It can fill in a densely shady or difficult sloping spot where the grass is tough to grow, or it can be installed throughout your entire space, providing a lawn with grass that is the perfect length and color year-round.

Water wise and eco-friendly, synthetic turf is a popular choice for commercial applications, offering unique advantages to the traditional grass lawn. From sports fields and rooftops to localized areas in parking lots, synthetic turf provides a consistent surface that is suitable for a wide range of activities, with little maintenance required.

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“I have had many landscape projects completed in my time and I have never experienced the quality, care and overall design work that Artisan Outdoor delivered.”
– John B.

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